“I lead digital engagements
that transform your business.”


I am a 20+ year technology and a digital/e-commerce veteran with deep technical roots and a creative spirit. I have led 100s of projects as an agency consultant spanning multiple verticals in multiple leadership roles. As an executive, I am passionate about delivering exceptional user experiences and look forward to opportunities where I can provide exceptional value and a unique perspective servicing enterprises and their customers.

My primary technology expertise is in enterprise e-commerce, marketing technology platforms, AI/Big Data, and 3rd party integration. My skills include leading multi-disciplinary global project teams for website redesign and re-branding, responsive web design, mobile application development, custom buy-flows, interactive TV, software development, banner campaigns, online application development, business system optimization, and more.


My Philosophy


I believe in devising strategies that lead to measurably improved evolutionary change to products, systems, processes. I serve the customers, clients and teams I am engaged with and believe the most valuable resource of any enterprise is its people.

“MEASURABLY improved Evolutionary Change”

“The most valuable resource of any enterprise is its people”


What I DO



Adept at leading diverse teams by embracing a servant leadership philosophy with emphasis on transparency and collaboration with global, distributed teams.



Envisions long-term strategy and design realistic product roadmaps that align with initiatives and optimizes delivery in multi-departmental, multi-disciplined environments.



Champion adoption of Agile and industry standard communication tools within organizations by serving in SCRUM methodology as a Scrum Master, Product Owner and team member. Understanding the importance top-down adoption and communication, ceremonies and the importance of coaching teams that lead to project success.


Product Management - CSPO

Identify market needs and opportunities aligned with business objectives, developing clear a vision and realistic product roadmaps in Agile environments. CSPO certification from the SCRUM Alliance.


Team Building

Recruit and retain top project management, analysts and technology talent supporting digital initiatives. Natural mentor for my staff and resources within and outside of my organization.



One of my core competencies where I have managed teams responsible for designing and delivering complex Java based booking engines, refining buy-flows, optimizing processes and ultimately increasing conversion and revenue for the companies I've served on multiple platforms including custom Java, Hybris and Demandware.


Engagement lead / Delivery

Continually improving organizational performance starts with having a holistic view and approach managing multiple, connected projects and the ability to manage horizontally within an organization, orchestrate teams and having the ability to identify best practices while remove non-value-add processes and artifacts.



Budget Management

ROI modeling, annual resource and budget planning supporting large teams (250+), responsible for personnel budgets $4M+, project budgets $6M+, $400k signoff authority. Ruthless prioritization supporting overall business goals and objectives.


Project/Program Management

Expert using agile, waterfall, and hybrid methodologies for new product/solution development, updates/re-platform of existing systems, and maintenance activities.


User Experience

Skilled in the soft science of challenging design and user experience teams leveraging industry best practices and 20+ years of developing products with the customer's best interests in mind.


CRM & Loyalty Programs

Adept at working with the business and SMEs on developing customer relationship strategies that drive revenue and KPI success with on-point communications and triggers at the appropriate time within the customer journey. Identification of conversion points within the customer journey to lift customer engagement and brand loyalty with the intent to create customer advocates.

How did I get here?

Please visit my CV for a detailed timeline from Developer >> Project Manager >> Program Manager >> Engagement Lead

What Have I Done?

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