Northwestern University

2019 - Digital Marketing Strategies


The program is centered on three principles:

  1. Marketing is powered by data. Identifying and mining new sources of customer data such as AI empowered video capture and in-store audio queues to create and continually refine personalized and targeted communications.

  2. Marketing is scaled by automation: Harnessing automation capabilities within a structured content management system, or data hub, to make marketing more productive and agile.

  3. Marketing is optimized by analytics: Leveraging analytics and artificial intelligence to massively optimize marketing activities supporting trigger-based communications for always-on marketing strategies.


Modules Included:

  1. Marketing Frameworks (systems and culture)

  2. Customer Segmentation

  3. Customer Journey Mapping

  4. Brand Storytelling

  5. Always On (Agile) Marketing

  6. Attribution Models

  7. Automation and Artificial Intelligence

Agile Alliance

2018 - Certified Scrum Product Owner


Scrum Learning Objectives:

  1. Scrum Theory

  2. The Scrum Roles

  3. Scrum Events and Artifacts

Product Owner Learning Objectives:

  • Understanding the Role of the Product Owner

  • Describing Purpose and Strategy

  • Understanding Customers and Users

  • Testing Product Assumptions

  • Working with the Product Backlog